Young People
Bullying & Self Harm

Too often, young people are sent to counsellors to improve to their behaviour, when the fact is that they are hurting inside, and they need help rather than punishment.

It is usually the case that they do not feel able to talk, nor will they admit to parents, teachers or friends, exactly why they are struggling.

Their issues might be too sensitive, or they might find them embarrassing.

They sometimes fear anger from their parents, judgement from teachers, or ridicule from friends. It could be the case that they simply don’t understand themselves what is wrong, or why they feel so unhappy or lost.

Problems that young people experience can be caused by exam anxiety or perfectionism.     They might have problems at home with parents separating or divorcing, or other family issues. 

Some might be suffering as victims of bullying, or have anxiety caused by social media and all the insecurities that it can bring.

Often this inner turmoil shows itself as anger or sometimes bullying others.  

They might turn to drink, drugs or even eating disorders in their attempt to block out the negative feelings.

All of the above can escalate into the young person self-harming or having suicidal thoughts

We allow you to choose whether you would feel more comfortable seeing a male or female counsellor, but whoever you opt for, they will be supportive and non-judgemental and offer you a safe space to talk about your worries in the upmost confidence.       

The aim of the counsellor will be to show you that this difficult time is only temporary, and that life can get better. They will show you how to manage your emotions, how to cope with difficult situations, and how to bring some enjoyment back into your life. 

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