Self Esteem &
Confidence Building

Having a low self -esteem can be crippling to a person and it prevents them from leading a full and happy life. They might suffer from a lack of confidence, social anxiety, or work-related issues. 

Self Esteem is an individual’s evaluation of their own self-worth. If a person does not value themselves, then it often happens that others around them fail to see the value in them too, which can lead to the person being taken advantage of, abused, or generally mistreated. 

When a person is treated unfairly, it confirms to them that they are unworthy, causing their confidence to fall even lower, making them feel unlovable, and unworthy of expecting anything else. They can especially suffer when it comes to personal relationships as they are risk of being treated badly, but often put up with it, believing that they do not deserve any better. 

It is a vicious, destructive circle that needs to be broken for the future of the person to be able to improve, and for them to thrive.

Self-esteem develops through our experiences in life. Your childhood experiences will no doubt have had a significant influence over you as the main source of positive and negative experiences that you will have. Your counsellor might explore your past to help you understand the self-esteem that was given to you. They will also seek to establish if any other events have caused you to have a low self-worth. 

A person with a low self-esteem places a high importance on what others think about them.     For a person with a high self-esteem, the opinion of others is significantly less important.

Your counsellor’s aim will be to show you the value in yourself, and to help you to realise that by changing your thought process, you will enable you look at yourself differently.                     

As your confidence grows, you will become more empowered, increasing your self-worth, until you have faith in yourself, and confidence in your own judgements. They will help you to let go of what has happened in the past, to live more in the present, and to trust that you are strong enough to solve your own problems. 

Your counsellor will enable you to see that you are good enough, and that you are a person of value.  The ultimate aim is that you will achieve your own self-actualization as shown in the image.

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