Depression & Anger Management

What is Depression? 

It is low moods, social withdrawal and sometimes suicidal thoughts

Depression is often how we feel or think. 

Personality traits like low self-esteem and self-worth keep a person in a state of depression.

Anyone can be affected by Depression and one in four of us may experience it over a lifetime. 

It can be caused by difficult experiences in your childhood, stressful or traumatic life events like a bereavement, redundancy, or the ending of a relationship

It can also be caused by having an inherited genetic predisposition.

The use of CBT Therapy  can help with depression.

Many people can feel low, unhappy or sad without being depressed, but if you often feel any of the symptoms below, then you should seek medical advice from your doctor.

  • Hopeless or despairing
  • Down, upset, tearful or tired a lot of the time
  • Finding no pleasure in life or activities you used to enjoy
  • Guilty and full of self-blame
  • Suicidal or have thoughts of self-harming
  • Empty or numb

Suffering from the above can lead to:

  • Poor concentration and difficulties with decision making
  • Mood swings – a pattern of feeling worse during a particular part of the day – more often in the mornings
  • Changes in appetite or weight
  • Loss of libido
  • Disturbed sleep – finding it difficult to fall asleep or waking early

What is Anger Management?

Everyone can get angry from time to time, and it is usually for a very good reason, however it can be a problem if your anger impacts on others, or when it is unhealthy and turns into aggression or rage.

There is nothing positive to be gained by reacting angrily to situations and those around you might begin to feel intimidated, threatened or frightened of you, causing them to avoid contact with you.

BY using CBT Therapy Your counsellor will establish the triggers that set off your anger, teach you to look out for the warning signs that an outburst is imminent, then they will show you how to manage the symptoms, to prevent your anger turning into rage. 

Rage is a much bigger problem. It can be unpredictable and have dangerous physical consequences if you are out of control, severely intensified if you are under the influence of drink or drugs. 

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