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Here at Chartwell Counselling, we are so concerned about the effects that Social-Media and easy access to Instant Pornography are having on young people today, that we have devised ’age-appropriate’ presentations to alert young people to the dangers of both. 

Our ultimate aim is to boost their self-esteem so that they do not fall victim to:

  • Being coerced into sending sexual images
  • Comparing their lives to others online
  • Having unrealistic expectations of body image, and sex
  • Making unsafe online connections
  • Suffering at the hands of online trolls and bullying
  • Having a lack of respect for themselves
  • Becoming addicted to pornography
  • Being coerced into believing that certain sexual acts are ‘the norm’ and that they are ‘boring, or vanilla’, or that there is something wrong with them if they do not participate in such acts

Our presenters won’t preach to the young audience, nor will they present themselves as another figure of authority telling them what to do. 

Instead, our presenters are young, vibrant, and will have faced these problems themselves. They will be knowledgeable about the current issues and latest trends that young people face today and often feel obliged to follow.

The presenter will chat to the group in a friendly and empathetic manner but also with some humour, which we find is the very best way to connect with young people. Some courses can be adapted for single sex groups.

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