Stress & Anxiety

Feeling anxious can affect your everyday life because it causes you to think that you won’t be able to cope in certain situations, which can then result in you avoiding those situations altogether.

Your counsellor will be keen to establish what triggers can cause your anxiety.

This state of our minds can affect our thoughts and behaviour as well as causing physical symptoms.

Example of stress and anxiety can include 


Your counsellor will help you to work out where, or what conditions you are likely to make you stressed or anxious.  If you can work out the patterns, then perhaps you can do something differently. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy will help you to record your physical symptoms and reactions and the emotions you feel in order to work out a strategy to decrease your episodes of feeling this way.

Having an end goal, and gradually working towards it, can help you to overcome situations that they would never have previously thought possible. With the help of the counsellor, you can train yourself to change the way that you view problems and obstacles, which leads to you thinking differently about your anxiety

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